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From paper-mess to paperless

Did you know that you don’t have to print every single invoice?

At Simplex, we believe in paperless. Rather than storing seven years of physical invoices and receipts, we keep everything safe and sound on the cloud. This method of working is kinder to the environment and frees up your valuable time and space. Say goodbye to a cluttered office!

Through the use of apps and software, we work with our clients to make your journey to paperless as straightforward as possible.

As accountants we’ve seen a lot of paperwork in our time. We’ve transitioned many clients to a paperless system whilst remaining compliant with HMRC. By taking this modern approach, we reduce the need to print out invoices recieved and encourage you to send out invoices electronically.

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Tree Planting Initiative

Planting trees allows us to offset our own CO2 emissions. We calculate our carbon footprint and report accordingly. Simplex is officially Carbon Neutral, which means that we remove more CO2 than we produce.

We pledge to do our part by helping to plant more trees to help our planet. See below the accumulated amount of trees we have planted so far. For every new client we on-board, a tree is planted.



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